Youth cooperative "Indeks"

About us

Youth cooperative “Indeks” was founded in 1992 with the aim of enabling students, pupils and unemployed young people to earn additional funds for education, livelihood, increase the household budget and additional pocket money through their work.

Our goal is to develop in all directions, in all fields and be a part of the modern business world and the modern era, while preserving the idea of ​​original and traditional cooperatives, which has been living in our country for many years.

Our task is to help and support young people (students and youth) in finding a job. Work through the student youth cooperative Index can help young people to use their free time during schooling or time waiting for permanent employment for practical purposes, ie. they earn money, expand their knowledge, gain valuable new experiences, build an attitude towards work, show their creative and creative skills and other abilities that they have and which they will definitely recommend to a future employer.

We try to meet the needs of our clients and partners with all the specifics and to work together to achieve business goals.

What sets us apart from other cooperatives is the possibility of emergency service

"EMERGENCY SERVICE - response and finding a worker in 12 hours"

We have developed successful cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies, public institutions, banks, hotels, colleges, schools, sports associations, law offices, embassies, large distribution houses, retail chains and various craft and trade shops that hire our members for various jobs.

Student-youth cooperative Index is an indispensable link on the development path of every young person, which contributes to the formation of a serious, valuable and responsible personality, ready to deal with many life challenges.

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